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Things to Do in Tenerife For Kids

If you choose to spend your vacation with your children in Tenerife, you will not be disappointed. The largest of the Canary Islands is the ideal destination for travelers with kids. From Central Europe you need less than 5 hours by plane to arrive in the sun. The short flight time makes traveling with small children quite pleasant. The south coast of Tenerife has pleasant temperatures all year round, which rarely exceed 28 degrees in summer and hardly drop below 24 degrees in winter. So it's perfect for taking a break, especially during the school holidays in the cold season.

But it's not just the weather that makes Tenerife one of the most beautiful holiday destinations for your children or baby. Child-friendly hotels ensure that both the younger generation and parents feel at home. In addition, numerous beaches are also suitable for the little ones and invite you to take long bathing days on the Atlantic. And last but not least, countless things to do and organized excursions nip any boredom in the bud. We have summarized everything that is offered, everywhere you can go with your offspring and what you should consider, in this article for you.


  1. Organized excursions for you and your children
  2. What to consider when booking
  3. The most interesting attractions for kids
  4. What makes Tenerife an ideal vacation destination with children
  5. Vacation in Tenerife with a baby
  6. Beaches for children in Tenerife
  7. Hotels for children in Tenerife
  8. The most important thing about child seats
  9. Our excursions sorted by age

Activities in Tenerife With Kids

What Are the Most Popular Excursions For Kids?

There is a huge range of organized excursions that you can book with your children in Tenerife. However, there are a few restrictions that mainly affect the age of the participants. This means that for some activities the operator specifies a minimum age for participation. To make it easier to find suitable a trip for you and your child, at the end of this article we have sorted all our activities according to the specified minimum age. Now follows a small selection of the most popular tours for children:

Take Off While Parasailing

Take off and soar through the air like a superhero. Which child doesn't dream of it? On vacation you are able fulfill this huge wish of your child. You both are strapped together on the umbrella and when the boat accelerates, you are pulled up like in the action movie. You feel a tingling sensation in your stomach area and from above you can enjoy the view over the ocean and the rugged coast of Tenerife. Your sprout can take part in this great adventure from the age of 7.

Hiking With Children in Tenerife

The unique nature and the breathtaking mountain landscape of Tenerife attract many holidaymakers from the hotels to go on a guided hiking tour. On the hike, just join the guide and he will take you through deep ravines, lunar landscapes or tropical forests. He knows the island and all its secrets well and tells you many interesting stories about it. Children are rarely given a minimum age when hiking. Nevertheless, you should only take your child on hikes that are not too long or too demanding.

A Buggy Tour With Your Child

Since the little ones usually have to sit in the back of the car, a tour in a buggy is particularly exciting for them. On this tour, they are allowed to sit in the front just like the big ones, right next to mom or dad. On the way, they can experience firsthand how the driver pulls the steering wheel left and right and how the buggy performs insane maneuvers. With most operators, kids can join from the age of 7.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Children are particularly attracted to animals. They are impressed by their behavior, their looks and their abilities. Imagine the enthusiastic eyes of your child when a group of dolphins appears, swimming next to your boat at incredible speed with daring jumps. Your children will remember this unique experience for a very long time. Participation in the search for dolphins and whales in Tenerife is not subject to any age restrictions.

What Should You Pay Special Attention to When Booking?

If you and your child have agreed on an activity, the first thing you should do is find out whether it is suitable for the little one. Check whether a minimum age, a minimum size or other physical conditions are required. In some cases, experience or abilities are being requested. Read all of this information carefully in the detailed descriptions of our excursions under the points “Please note!” and “Services & Prices”. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to answer them for you.

Which Attraction of Tenerife Should You Visit With Your Kids?

The selection of sights in Tenerife that will impress your children is as huge as the island itself. Here is a small list of the best attractions:

  1. Siam Park, Costa Adeje: Tripadvisor has awarded it several times as the best water park in the world. The entire site is designed in Thai architecture and takes the visitor to Southeast Asia. The children's paradise can be found in the “Lost City”. Towers, nets and bridges with countless slides into the water keep your little one occupied for hours. There is even a separate area for babies.
  2. Loro Park, Puerto de la Cruz: Originally intended as a refuge and breeding station for endangered parrot species, Loro Park has developed into one of the largest animal parks in the world. You can admire much more than just parrots on the 135,000 square meter site. There are huge enclosures for big cats, gorillas and meerkats. In the penguin planet you will be led into arctic regions. And with the dolphin and orca shows you get very close to these fascinating marine mammals.
  3. Museo de la Ciencia y el Cosmos, San Cristóbal de la Laguna: The Museum of Science and Cosmos is not a traditional museum. Modern media are used here in an interactive manner to bring visitors closer to the findings from research. Children can even make their own experiments here.
  4. Monkey Park, an der Autobhn TF1 zwischen Guaza und Los Cristianos: The zoo, which specializes in primates, aims to protect endangered species. It has the largest area for petting and feeding the animals in Tenerife. There are freely accessible areas that you can enter with your children. You are allowed to feed the monkeys treats that you can buy at the entrance. Feeding your own food is not accepted.

Why Is Tenerife an Ideal Holiday Destination For Kids

Tenerife is the most visited island in the Canaries. A modern and excellently functioning infrastructure has long developed here. This corresponds to European standards and meets the demands of northern holidaymakers. In the tourist centers you will find everything you need for your vacation with children. There are rental cars, countless shopping opportunities, excellent medical care, countless leisure activities and a well-developed local public transport system. You can make each day a highlight for your children.

Should You Travel to Tenerife With a Baby?

Why not? Traveling with a baby certainly means that you have to take special precautions and the vacation destination should meet certain requirements. But you don't have to worry about that with Tenerife. All-round care for babies is guaranteed at all times on the Spanish island. In every major settlement and in the tourist resorts you will find medical centers (Spanish: Centro de Salud) where there is a 24 hour emergency room. However, you need the blue international health card for this, which you must apply to your health insurance company. In the shopping centers you can get all the necessary items for toddlers and the supermarkets offer diapers and baby food from well-known European brands.

Which Are the Best Beaches For Children in Tenerife?

In contrast to the sister islands, you will find fewer bright sanded beaches on Tenerife. The sand is mostly volcanic and therefore predominantly gray or black. But that doesn't limit children's fun. Child-friendly beaches must have rather properties that make carefree and, above all, safe swimming possible. These are:

  • Little or no undercurrents
  • Shallow and long entry into the water
  • No high waves
  • Guarded by lifeguards
  • Clear view of the water

Are there such beaches on Tenerife? Yes, there are. Below is a small list of beaches suitable for children in Tenerife:

Beaches for Children in the North

Playa de las Teresitas, San Andrés: This extensive beach is one of the most beautiful on the island. It was artificially heaped up with light sand from the Sahara and lined with palm trees so that there is a little Caribbean feeling. The specially designed breakwaters protect the bathing area from high waves and currents. And the entrance is gently sloping. This beach is also guarded. A day trip with your children is definitely worth it here, especially since it is not visited a lot during the week.

Beaches for Children in the South

Playa de Las Vistas, Los Cristianos: At 120 meters, the beach is one of the widest on the island. This also is created artificially with light sand. Breakwaters protect the bathing area here as well and you have to walk quite far into the water before it gets deep. The guarded beach borders on numerous shops and restaurants. There are also playgrounds and mini golf. Rating: Absolutely suitable for children.
Playa Fañabé, Costa Adeje: Another light sandy and artificial beach that is protected by breakwaters and falls flat into the water. You can go shopping or eat on the adjacent promenade. The children can also play mini golf there, hop on the trampoline or tire themselves out in one of the playgrounds.

Beaches for Children in the East

Playa del Cabezo / Playa del Güímar, Puertito de Güímar: These two beaches are right next to each other. The natural, black sand beaches are surrounded by breakwaters and thus protected from waves and currents. Children will have fun here.

Beaches for Children in the West

Playa San Juan, San Juan: The sand is gray and has a shallow entry. The pier on one side and a breakwater on the other keep currents and waves away from the bathing area. The palm trees and the reed straw umbrellas give the whole place a little southern flair.

Which Are the Best Hotels For Kids in Tenerife?

You definitely need a child-friendly hotel to make your vacation with children in Tenerife unforgettable. When looking for a suitable hotel, you will get many offers. The tour operators designate many hotels as child-friendly. But, what actually makes a hotel suitable for children? Here is a small overview of what should be offered for children:

  • Pool area with separate area for children and water slides
  • Hotel grounds with playgrounds and leisure options
  • Professional animation and child care
  • Big enough hotel rooms with the possibility of adding cots
  • Available All inclusive offer
  • Direct beach location or near a beach
  • Children's prices

Here are some popular child-friendly hotels in Tenerife:

  • Hotel HD Parque Cristobal, Playa de las Américas
  • Hotel Isabel, Costa Adeje
  • Hotel Be Live Experience La Niña, Costa Adeje
  • Hotel GF Fanabe, Costa Adeje

The above list is based on internet research, for the correctness of which we cannot guarantee.

Are Child Seats in Cars Required in Tenerife?

As in the rest of Spain, the child seat is mandatory in Tenerife if the child is smaller than 1.35 meters. You can only transport it in the car if you fasten it in an age-appropriate child seat. Children with a height of less than 1.50 meters are only allowed to ride on the back seat of the car. Unless the back seat is already fully occupied with other children or the car does not have a back seat.

Excursies en activiteiten voor kinderen op Tenerife

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