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Tenerife for Families - Tips For Your vacation

Vacation time is family time. The largest of the Canary Islands offers families the best conditions for a wonderful holiday. Tenerife can be reached quite quickly with around five hours of flight time only, which keeps traveling with the smaller family members pleasant. In addition, the popular holiday island has excellent climatic conditions almost all year round. It is mostly sunny, dry and warm in every season. Wonderful beaches, many of which are absolutely family-friendly, invite you to take long bathing days. Swimming and playing in the Atlantic are particularly popular with families with children.

But that's not all. For family holidays in Tenerife there are countless family hotels with all-inclusive service to choose from. All you have to do is check in and start your vacation. There is a lot to experience on the holiday island. One vacation with the family is almost not enough to really get to know Tenerife. An enormous number of sights and attractions as well as a breathtaking natural landscape are waiting for you. To go exploring, you simply have to take part in one of the countless organized excursions. Find out in this article what families in Tenerife can do, what you need to consider and get the best tips for an unforgettable holiday.


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Things to Do For the Whole Family in Tenerife

What Are the Most Popular Family Activities in Tenerife?

Countless families spend their vacation with children on Tenerife and that's why most operators are prepared for it. After all, their offers should be an equally great experience for all participants. With the design of our website, we have also focused on the needs of families. For all of our excursions, you will therefore find comprehensive information in the descriptions on whether they are suitable or approved for children. In addition, at the end of this article we chose to sort our trips according to the required minimum ages. This enables you to quickly find a suitable excursion for your entire family. But what are the most popular trips for families on Tenerife? Here is a small selection:

A Family Buggy Tour

With a buggy tour in Tenerife, the fun has no limits. These open racers with loud engine noises are just waiting for you to accelerate. Your child can ride in the front passenger seat if it is at least 7 years old or at least 1.35 meters tall. If your co-driver already has a driver's license, you can also swap seats along the way so that both can experience the driving feeling of the buggy.

Whale and Dolphin Watching With the Family

The Canary Archipelago is a designated area for many marine mammals. Countless of them bustle in the Los Gigantes area in the west of Tenerife. Boats go there every day to visit the whales and dolphins. It is a wonderful experience together as a family, how the sociable dolphins flock to the boat and inspire the observers with their daring jumps.

Horse Riding With the Family

Horses are among the animals that have a magical attraction for children. In Tenerife you have the opportunity to give your children a few wonderful hours with these fascinating four-legged friends. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or have some experience. Every family member from the age of 5 can explore Tenerife in a special way on one of the guided horseback excursions.

Hiking With the Family

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands with the most extraordinary and diverse natural landscapes. You shouldn't miss out on exploring them up close. Embark on one of the guided hiking tours where you can get to know particularly beautiful corners of Tenerife. The knowledgeable guide gives you many interesting facts about the natural monuments visited. These excursions are offered in different difficulty levels, so that even the youngest family members from around 6 years of age will find the right thing.

What Needs to Be Considered When Booking an Excursion?

If you want to book some excursions for your family, you should pay attention to the following four points:

  1. Requirements for children: On some of the excursions offered, children may only participate under certain conditions or not at all. For example, a minor cannot drive a buggy himself because he does not have a driver's license. Most restrictions exist with regard to the minimum age and size. Therefore, please always check the relevant information about children's participation.
  2. Hotel transfer: Whether or not you will be picked up from the hotel for the excursions mostly depends on where the excursions start from and in which place you spend your vacation. So always make sure that you are being picked up and from where. Also verify whether the pick-up service is included in the price or not.
  3. Availability: Some trips may be more in demand due to the season. During this period it quickly happens that spaces are fully booked for several days. It is therefore advisable to book your excursions already from home via our website. This way you are guaranteed places.
  4. Capacity limits: When larger families go on holiday to Tenerife, it can happen that not everyone can take part in an excursion at the same time, as the maximum number of participants is exceeded. Please pay attention to the corresponding information.

You will find the full information in the detailed descriptions of our excursions under the menu items “Please Note!” and “Services & Prices”.

Best Family Resort Tenerife

Where Is the Best Place to Stay in Tenerife For Families?

In Tenerife, tourism is primarily concentrated in the southwest of the island. There you will find everything that makes your family vacation the most beautiful time of the year, especially in the towns of Costa Adeje, Los Christianos and Playa de las Americas. Most of the family-friendly hotels are in close proximity to the partly man-made beaches. These were designed in such a way that waves and currents hardly stand a chance and thus offer families wonderful beach days on the Atlantic. And some of the best attractions like Siam Water Park and Monkey Park are in the immediate vicinity. But you can also spend wonderful days in Puerto de la Cruz in the northwest. The proximity to Loro Park and Teide National Park makes this place the ideal starting point for various activities.

What Are the Attractions in Tenerife For the Family?

Tenerife offers an enormous variety of different sights and attractions that are interesting for the whole family. The following should not be missing on any vacation list:

  • Mariposario, Icod de los Vinos: Something very special awaits you here: a park full of butterflies. When you walk through the facility, you will encounter these fluttering, colorful insects without separating windows. They move freely there. This gives you the opportunity to observe them in the wild and to get closer to them.
  • Siam Park, Costa Adeje: Siam is the old name of Thailand. And you will feel transported there in this water park, which is one of the largest in the world. As if you are in this Southeast Asian country, here you will find yourself in the midst of detailed Thai architecture and culture. In this exotic atmosphere you and your family will find only one thing: great fun. The Lost City area alone offers 120 attractions for children and toddlers.
  • Loro Park, Puerto de la Cruz: Anyone on vacation in Tenerife should definitely visit Loro Park. A whole day full of intense impressions awaits you there: the world's largest parrot collection, a spectacular orca show, an arctic penguin world, a gorilla park, an underwater tunnel and much more.
  • Palmetum, Santa Cruz de Tenerife: This 12 hectare botanical garden houses the largest palm collection in Europe. The palms in the park are arranged geographically so that you walk from Madagascar to the Caribbean, for example, and then come to Polynesia. And everywhere you can find the typical palm species. A total of 400 different palm species grow in the Palmetum, in addition to another 2,000 tropical plant species.

Can You Go on Vacation in a Family Hotel in Tenerife?

The offer of vacation rentals on the Canary Island is huge. You will certainly also find a large number of family hotels in Tenerife. But what characteristics should such a hotel have that is considered a family hotel or family-friendly? Please note the services listed below that a hotel should offer:

  1. Childcare: Animation and entertainment in the hotel
  2. Leisure facilities: Playgrounds on the hotel premises
  3. Pools: Separate pool area for children
  4. Rooms: Spacious in which an additional cot can be placed
  5. Food & Beverage: All inclusive
  6. Location: At the Beach or immediate vicinity
  7. Prices: Discount for children

Here is a small exhibition of the best family hotels Tenerife:

  • GF Isabel, Costa Adeje
  • Be Live Family Costa Los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago
  • Bahía Princess, Costa Adeje
  • Family Garden Compostela Beach, Arona

The above list is based on internet research, for the correctness of which we cannot guarantee.

Excursies en activiteiten voor families op Tenerife

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